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Most awaited game in 2011

Talk about games in general, so no games in particular.

What games are you most waiting for?

Battlefield 3 [Oct 27, 2011]
GuildWars 2 [2011?]
Total votes : 9

Most awaited game in 2011

Postby Sentienel » Thu Aug 25, 2011 19:01 pm

Based on interests of RN members. Pick one (or more)...

Note: Due to pre-market research, Modern Warfare 3 is not expected to have a significant impact on the results.
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Re: Most awaited game in 2011

Postby Jezzol » Thu Aug 25, 2011 19:33 pm

Nice post. I hope my overhaul and your input will revive this forum at least a little bit.

Now, on-topic: I find it quite hard to choose between those games. Battlefield was the game that got me addicted to gaming in the first place. :evil:
Having that said I am looking forward even more to Guild Wars 2 simply because Guild Wars is one of the best games I ever played and I think it's sequel will combine that great fun from part one with mind-blowing new mechanics like dynamic events.
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Re: Most awaited game in 2011

Postby Arie » Thu Aug 25, 2011 19:56 pm

Battlefield 3 for me baby :D BF fanboy since the beginning in 2002 @ BF1942. This one is probably going to be the most awesomest yet.
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Re: Most awaited game in 2011

Postby Happy-Camper » Thu Aug 25, 2011 22:14 pm

Dude, wtf happened to the forum..... Both Guildwars 2 as Battlefield 3 are worth waiting for. But with Oktober very close i have to go with Battlefield 3 atm. :)
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