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Site feature: FLVPlayer BBCode

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Site feature: FLVPlayer BBCode

Postby Arie » Fri Dec 26, 2008 21:20 pm

Another addition to the bbcodes; the FLV Player.

It works like this; when you have an url; flv, mp4 and some others (you can just try and test if others work) put it in the bbcode as following:

Code: Select all


This player is meant for if you have an .flv file or .mp4 file you want to show. As you can see, you can also use an youtube URL.

Furthermore there are two numbers provided in the code, these are the width and height. Because not every movie has the same size, you need to provide them. The first one is the width, the other one the height.

Please note that in our current layout movies bigger then 630 width will partly fall of, so you can't see the whole movie - If you need to resize your movie, here's an easy calculator.

If you need any help, feel free to ask at the Helpdesk.
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