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Looking for a fight?

War is upon you!

Looking for a fight?

Postby Happy-Camper » Sat Dec 06, 2008 17:35 pm

Dear sir/madam,

Welcome to the RoughNecks forum. You looking for a clan to fight against in a war? That could be us.
Just post here in this sub-forum or add these people to your xfire to discuss it:
  • orama1979
  • xanem1988
  • oranos1337

We have a server, but no mod's installed on it at this time.
So if your clan does not have a server or war server, we can play on our normal real HC server.

We can offer up to 7 well trained RN members, to kick your ass.

Hope to see or hear from you on the battlefield.

With regards,
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